Rhoads Recognized at the Würth 400: A Day of Speed and Honor

We are proud to announce that Rhoads was recently honored at the Würth 400 NASCAR event on April 28th at Dover Motor Speedway. This recognition is a testament to our strategic involvement with BuildSubmarines.com, an intermediary for the Navy supporting marketing, PR and financial initiatives highlighting the critical need for skilled tradespeople and manufacturing capacity supporting submarine manufacturing.

The partnership highlights Rhoads’ essential role as a supplier within the Navy’s submarine programs. At NASCAR events like the Würth 400, BuildSubmarines.com spotlights local companies that significantly contribute to submarine construction, celebrating their efforts on a national stage. As the featured honoree, Rhoads enjoyed prominent branding opportunities, including our logo on the hood of the #6 car driven by Brad Keselowski, VIP access, and suite tickets.

In addition to the event itself, BuildSubmarines.com also spotlights a standout individual from the honored company on their website to further recognize their contributions to the Navy’s submarine programs. We are delighted to highlight Steve Catherman, a distinguished team member at Rhoads. Steve’s unwavering dedication and technical expertise in welding and fabrication embodies the high standards and commitment that Rhoads brings to every project. Read more about his role and achievements here.

This occasion was a celebration of our achievements and an opportunity to strengthen connections with other industry leaders, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship.

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