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  • Quality Control Systems Manager
      This position is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing a project-specific quality control program, executing its performance according to contract requirements, completing administrative documentation on time, and cultivating customer satisfaction with the client.


      • 1. Maintains regular attendance on the assigned jobsite per specifications described in the contract documents. No work can be performed without the QCM or Alt QCM being present on the jobsite.
      • 2. Ensures Design and Construction Submittals are reviewed and approved as required by contract. Certifies for compliance prior to allowing material on site and any segment of work to proceed.
      • 3. Conducts daily site observations and inspects all work/re-work and materials, using certified QC Specialists (as applicable) to ensure compliance with contract requirements. Notifies the Superintendent of any non-conforming segment of work. Oversees the removal and inspects the replacement of any defective work.
      • 4. Studies and reviews all RFP, drawings, and specifications, etc. to gain an understanding of the project scope and all definable features of work (DFOW’s), in order to ensure the quality of production, and to identify any potential QC challenges throughout a project.
      • 5. Implements the Three Phases of Control plan for each DFOW except for those phases designated to be performed by QC Specialists, and maintains clear communication of progress in the preparatory, initial, and follow up phases of the QC program to necessary stakeholders.
      • 6. Conducts daily Follow-up inspections of each DFOW being put in place to ensure on going compliance with the contract documents and that no non-conforming work is being concealed. Records any deficient items on the Daily Report and tracks on the Rework Items List until item is corrected.
      • 7. Executes authority to immediately stop any segment of work that does not meet established QC requirements or that does not comply with the contract documents or is a safety hazard. Directs the Superintendent in the removal and replacement of any defective or non-compliant work.
      • 8. Coordinates and ensures that all on-site and off-site testing and inspections are performed in accordance with the contract documents, maintaining all appropriate logs and reports pursuant to the contract documents. Reviews all Test & Inspection Reports and notifies the CO of all deficiencies and corrective actions as needed.
      • 9. For USACE projects, updates the QCS system daily and ensures all deficient items are closed in a timely manner by appropriate team members. If necessary, notifies PM to help resolve outstanding deficient items.
      • 10. Seeks “Outstanding” QC evaluations from the client regarding all aspects of a project with assistance from the project team.
      • 11. Completes an Initial Phase inspection meeting when a pre-determined representative portion of each DFOW is complete. Verifies that the established quality level of workmanship is being maintained and that the work is in compliance with the contract documents. Ensures that all required testing is performed.
      • 12. Assists the project team and SSHO in implementing and monitoring the Safety Program throughout the duration of a project providing support as needed, to ensure safe procedures on a project site. May cross-train with the SSHO to ensure proper Safety coverage of the project site, if permitted and approved.
      • 13. Prepares Daily QC Reports maintains electronic and hardcopy documentation and filing onsite.
      • 14. Responsible for the development, completion, and maintenance of all QC related documentation, ensuring the currency and accuracy of all files and documentation for compliance to contract requirements and audit purposes.
      • 15. Maintains a current set of as-built drawings on site at all times. Maintain a log of all as-built notations. Verify and initial each notation for accuracy and completeness.
      • 16. Maintains any rework activities on the Rework Items List and notes date of deficiency and correction.
      • 17. Holds a Preparatory Phase meeting prior to the commencement of each DFOW, having reviewed the drawings, specifications, and approved submittals prior to meeting to ensure compliance. Discusses test and inspection requirements, means and methods of performing work, sequencing, duration, and quality of workmanship. Review AHA’s and Job Site Safety rules with the Foreman and work crew.
      • 18. Ensures that the PM has procured the qualified testing agencies and QC Specialists per the contract requirements prior to the installation of any work.
      • 19. Maintains accurate meeting minutes from all QC-related meetings and distributes reports, as necessary.
      • 20. Collaborates with the project team to ensure deliverables including required keys, OEM’s, Warranty Certificates, Training Sessions, As-Built Drawings, and spares are correct and complete and submitted to the Contracting Officer.
      • 21. Performs contractor Punch-Out and participates in the Pre-Final and Final Acceptance Inspections by verifying that all items identified in the inspections are corrected in a timely manner.
      • 22. Collaborates with all stakeholders during the start-up to set and determine client expectations for QC Management and resolve any issues or discrepancies in the CQC Plan.
      • 23. Maintains constant communication with the project team and stakeholders regarding any proposed changes to the approved CQC plan, notifying the contractor officer (CO) of any proposed changes and updates the CQC Plan as required.
      • 24. Participates in the Post Award Kick-Off (PAK), Partnering, Pre-construction, Design Development, and Coordination meetings, as directed, during the conceptual and pre-construction phase of a project.
      • 25. Participates as a member of the CQC Department team, providing innovative ideas for process improvement and standardization.
      • 26. Performs other duties as assigned and agreed upon with supervisor.

          • While working on the jobsite, individuals will be outside on an active construction site, in a trailer with job site management team, and at clients’ facilities. Job walks and inspections indoors and outdoors are required. Jobsite appropriate attire, including PPE, is necessary. Flexibility to work outside normal business hours and travel to project job sites will be required.
          • May be required to lift up to 50 lbs. Job site work may involve extended periods of walking or standing and additional limited physical requirements, including climbing ladders, scaffolding, maneuvering around small obstacles, moving through cramped quarters, crawling, utilizing motorized man lifts, etc. Also requires basic office work, including sitting, walking, climbing stairs, kneeling, bending, and operating office equipment that is hand operated.

              • 1. A current USACE CQM for Contractors Certificate is required.
              • 2. Five or more years combined experience (or equivalent) in commercial construction industry as a Superintendent, QC Manager, Project Manager, or Project Engineer required, as well as two years’ experience as a QC Manager with Department of Defense projects required.
              • 3. Level 1 EM 385-1-1, CRP, First Aid, OSHA 30-hour certifications required. Training can be provided.
              • 4. Ability to obtain Confidential Clearance Status. Currently cleared individuals a plus.
              • 5. Computer literacy (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Internet, etc.) required.
              • 6. Demonstrate advanced working knowledge of QA industry references.
              • 7. Ability to interpret specifications, mechanical drawings, PID’s, and blueprints.
              • 8. Thorough familiarity with and understanding of AWS, ASME, ASTM and AISC Codes. Certified Weld Inspectors a plus.
              • 9. Must have strong written and oral communication skills, and sufficient Quality Assurance experience and expertise to be able to evaluate, analyze, communicate, and discuss QA issues effectively with Rhoads’ Senior Management, Rhoads QA personnel, Rhoads’ craft personnel, and Customer QA representatives.
              • 10. Possess superior organizational skills, be detail-oriented & accurate, and demonstrate advanced analytical skills.

              Application Instructions

                Please apply via the link provided. Resume is required. If you have any questions, please contact Will Cruz at


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              This is a contract specific position on task order basis with the possibility of full time.

  • Scheduler


    • Responsible for cost and resource loading and reporting.
    • Collects and analyzes information used to plan and schedule construction projects.
    • Generates forecasts, variance reports, and other documentation used to monitor and manage projects.
    • Researches and reports on economic, legal, and other factors that may impact project success.
    • Evaluates current procedures and recommends changes to improve the efficiency of planning and scheduling of projects and the reduction of issues due to scheduling errors.
    • Understands and utilizes standard planning and scheduling methodologies and tools.
    • Prepares plans and schedules for small and routine projects.


    • Must be proficient with Microsoft Project.
    • Must be proficient in CPM Scheduling.
    • Knowledge of construction; particularly in Mechanical, Electrical, and Shipboard systems a plus.
    • Must have good written and oral communication skills.
    • Have a mature ability to lead effectively and work as part of a team.
    • Possess substantial industry knowledge, continuous learning ability, innovative spirit, and agile problem solving skills .
    • Have intermediate skill in handling multiple responsibilities, setting priorities, managing tasks, and overseeing several projects simultaneously.
    • Be proficient in working under time pressure.
    • Demonstrate working knowledge of practical project management software and spreadsheet skills; be proficient in computer operation skills.
    • Possess good organizational skills, be detail-oriented & accurate, and demonstrate intermediate analytical skills.


    • BS degree in Arts or Science, or the equivalent amount of education or experience.
    • Minimum of 5 years of previous Scheduling experience in the construction industry.
    • Ability to communicate requirements in an industrial environment.
    • Thorough familiarity with and understanding of AWS, ASME, and ABS Codes.
    • Understanding and familiarity with ISO, UL, and AISC Certifications.
    • Business Development, Customer Service, and Communications skills.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Project, Excel, and CPM Scheduling.


    • Must be able to work in a variety of physical positions, including sitting, standing, walking, and driving in an automobile, and may require walking and standing on irregular and uneven surfaces in an industrial setting. The performance of this position involves exposure to construction or industrial areas where the use of personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats and hearing protection is required.
    • Rhoads Industries is currently seeking a Scheduler to join their team. This individual has the responsibility of providing mechanical contracting, steel fabrication, factory maintenance, and piping scheduling services on Rhoads’ projects. Rhoads employees have first line responsibility for adhering to, and enforcing all applicable safety precautions and programs, and shall thoroughly read and understand, all Rhoads’ standard procedures for maintenance of ISO 9000, ASME, and AISC certifications.


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  • Pipefitter

    Rhoads Industries is currently seeking a Pipefitter to join their team. This individual will perform on site installation, maintenance, and upgrades to machinery, equipment, and facilities according to verbal, written instruction, PI&Ds, engineered drawings and schematics.

    Responsibilities of Industrial Service Pipe Fitter/Welder:

    • Perform in the field using related experience and knowledge of codes and specifications.
    • Reads and deciphers work scope, engineered drawings, and PI&Ds to determine work procedures and build method.
    • Works with Installation group at the customer work site. Dismantle, move, rig, assemble, and install process equipment, machinery as well as facility upgrades.
    • Install necessary piping to equipment as well as facility upgrades.
    • Assembles machinery, bolts, welds, or otherwise fastens them to foundation or other structures.
    • Repairs, lubricates, and service machinery and equipment per specifications. Works in a safe manner according to company and site safety standards.

    Requirements of Industrial Service Pipe Fitter/Welder:

    • The successful candidate must have experience with MIG, TIG, and Stick, welding process to qualify to the Pipe 6-G and structural in various positions both in stainless steel and steel. Past welding certification history is a plus.
    • Must be able to both fit and connect process piping by means of welding, sweating, swaging, gluing, bolting, threading, clamping, etc.
    • Experience with installation of sanitary (food and pharmaceutical) process piping and Orbital welding.
    • Able to use various measuring equipment.
    • Qualified individuals must possess a full range of mechanical knowledge as well as the ability to fabricate and install piping and equipment as specified on drawings and PI&Ds.
    • This individual should have excellent communication skills and a team player.
    • A strong customer-service focus is essential to succeed in this position.
    • Interested candidates should be willing to work flexible hours to meet the installation needs of our customers.
    • Able to work overtime when needed.
    • Have all the necessary hand tools to perform their discipline.
    • Able to supply their own transportation to and from job sites within the tri state area.

    Required Education:

    • High school Graduate, related Trade school and History of past experience in this industry required.

    Required experience:

    • Pipe Fitter/Welder: 3 years


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