Partnerships are a core aspect of our viable business structure. We maintain partnering relationships with some of the largest and most advanced companies in our industry, helping to maintain competitive pricing for our valued customers. If you’re interested in partnering with Rhoads, contact us today or browse our partnerships below for more information.

  • Northrop Grumman

    Northrop Grumman and Rhoads have successfully teamed up on multiple Navy programs for assembly of mechanical components for ships and submarines. Our partnership has utilized the engineering, quality and program management capabilities of Northrop Grumman and the skilled workforce and heavy manufacturing facility Rhoads. By blending our skill-sets we have minimized overhead cost to provide a more cost-effective solution for fabrication and assembly of large steel components for the Navy.

  • Shee Atika

    Shee Atika is an Alaskan Corporation from Sitka, organized under the laws of the State of Alaska and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act – ANC 8(a), that has had success in accounting services, real estate, and communications industries in order to preserve their culture and benefit all generations of their shareholders.  Shee Atika and Rhoads have teamed up to create a Joint Venture Mentor/Protégé relationship with Alaskan Native Corporation 8(a) designation. Our joint venture — American Marine and Technical Services, will continue to team to pursue ship repair, steel fabrication, and additional industrial services for the Department of Defense and other industries with the competitive contracting advantage of ANC 8(a) designation for sole source contracts.

  • Precision Custom Components (PCC)

    Precision Custom Components (PCC) and Rhoads have teamed up on the fabrication and assembly of multiple large steel vessels for the energy and chemical industries.
    Our partnership has utilized the nuclear-level quality management and world-class large machining capabilities of PCC and the skilled workforce and heavy waterfront manufacturing facility of Rhoads.
    Our teaming provides the ability of our teams to pursue large steel fabrication projects that require high-level quality management and components that size require transport by water and world-class heavy lifting capabilities.

  • Philly Shipyard

    Philly Shipyard and Rhoads have teamed up in various shipbuilding projects at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Our strong relationship and close proximity has allowed us to assist Philly Shipyard with fabrication/assembly of large steel components for their ships, installation of large equipment in their shipyard, additional manufacturing space, and painting.

  • PaperWorks

    Rhoads has been a sole-source, 24 hour service, total solution provider of preventative maintenance, custom fabrication, equipment installation, and pipefitting at the PaperWorks (the Mill) since the 1960’s to the closing in 2017. Our team grew a strong relationship by assisting in any need our Mill partners have had no matter how short notice we receive. A couple of our past projects include: install of two 50,000 BTU boilers, install and maintenance of fuel desulfurization system.

  • ATMAN, Colony Place, EOCS Consulting Teams

    ATMAN, Colony Place and EOCS consulting teams have brought their extensive experience from successful careers at Electric Boat/General Dynamics, DRS Technologies, PWC, IBM and the United States Navy to steer Rhoads in the right direction as we have developed our business with the Navy and maritime industry. Alan Perlstein, Dexter White, Bruce Hart, John Alden, Jack Donohue and Bill Swahl have helped guide our team through the key issues we have faced in project management, engineering, quality, professional training of personnel, industry knowledge and business development, which has allowed our team to aggressively and confidently grow our capabilities at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

  • Clark Technology Systems

    Clark Technology Systems and Rhoads have teamed up to have success on large fabricated skid assemblies. Clark’s strong engineering and computer design capabilities with our fabrication, assembly, piping, and project management has allowed our team to successfully complete assembly of large compressor skids.

  • United States Navy

    Our team has teamed up with the Navy in various activities at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Our skilled workforce coupled with our expertise in project management, quality management and focus on customer service has made us a successful partner to the Navy on various projects including industrial services for Navy Test Facilities, dismantling of FFG and CG Navy ships and fabrication/assembly of mechanical systems for Navy ships and submarines.

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